It is tempting to launch myself. Before any launching the things should be updated, have extra features to perform better and suit for next generation.

Here for launching of myself, I think upon updation with amazing features that lead to best out of me. First I would like to find out, what I would be in my dream role? looking towards in future for new updated my version.

The foundation step to transforming myself to breaking out fake image and shape a new form. It's called changing myself from all the area around me i.e. habits, learning, working style, thinking new way, dreaming big.

In launching this journey, start with my fitness. Where I look myself fit and healthy, loosing my weight and get in my dream body shape. All the physical and mental problems cured and finally feel happy and live healthy life with my loving family. Ohh! That’s not enough for me Now time to get more feature of my career turn bend in 2021. I facing interview in Digital Deepak team and successfully passed it and place in “ MY DREAM JOB WITH DIGITAL DEEPAK”. This is the time where I would like to Learn a lot, getting experience of real project and building myself as Digital marketer earning 1 lac per month.

This is the year where I want to do work for my local area and specially women who are not very aware of digital marketing who has talent but stuck in for few reason. So, mentoring them and I build my Digital marketing agency in 2026 to prove myself, that if we really want, no one can stop us.

Now I am super excited to launch a successful Digital Marketer, in which I will tell my great journey to my subscribers. Eventually I identify myself full of happiness, satisfied and energetic.

That's all in Launching myself..!!!!

Disha Mehta

Digital Marketer

This is part of Digital Deepak Internship week 1 assignment. This is the great learning experience where Learn , understand and apply .

Digital Marketing Intern and Podcaster. Believe in me with positive approach.