Do You Know The Secret Of Marketing?

“Marketing is not only about creativity, selling or advertising but it all about to understand human psychology. “

At this age, everyone wants to do marketing and expecting great results out of it. What do you think? It’s really worked for all? Nope! because it's not just a short-term process that over after time. It’s a long term process start from advertising to make a big brand.

If You want to succeed in any area of life you have to know the fundamental of that particular area in the same way to be a successful marketer or doing great marketing. You have to understand some principles of marketing.

The Principles of Marketing:

Before start marketing always keep in mind that Marketing starts before the product launch and never work marketing only based on your ad creativity or how frequently or how much money spent on ads.

Following such Marketing principles. You can win the battle of business. These principles help to understand the science of marketing Like.

Set Goal:

See, When starting anything you have to be clear about the goal. Goal setting is another very tuff task right ?? so many questions pinching in mind. What to do first? What to do last or next? Here I tell you…

First, Think How much money you want to earn in a year and how??? and it’s must be realistic. Think as I want to make ₹1 crore than my plan would be like that: I sell product of value₹ 100 to 1,00,000 people that not lead me profit because it is only I get a customer but out of 1,00,000 people I can convert 10,000 people to buy my ₹1000 rupee product and that earns me ₹1 crore rupee. After planning this way, I have a clear vision of what to do next and set a budget to earn that₹ 1 crore and for marketing, you want to spend.

After setting the budget we move to next …

Find Your Audience:

Finding an audience means Who are your target audience?? because if you don’t know whom to sell your product or service How is it work? you have to know some data about your customers like age, gender, location, or education, and many more or less than it. Let me explain if I want to sell My email marketing book in English then my audience must be literate, above the age of 15, and understand English.

when you know your target audience you will be able to set your marketing budget properly. Another thing that interested people more likely to be your customer.

Focus On Quality of Product:

We all know that Quality matters than Quantity. We have a desire to very loyal and good customer for that make the First rule for you never compromise in quality of the product for you or your customers. Give high-quality product that provides high value to your customer. Business that provide value to their customers leads to more brand value and gets more leads and more leads grow your business.

Start advertising:

After setting your goal, finding your target audience, and decide your product and service no need to wait to complete your product it’s time for advertising. when you start advertising before product did you are the aware market that you are launching this kind of product that grab Attention of people who are interested and even you can know their need via webinar or social media that builds a relationship too.

Focus on Communication:

Communication is not just a fancy design of words. Good communication is started with a positive approach that feels your customer you are understanding their problem and how much they are important.

Communication can be Marketing communication or non-marketing communication. Marketing communication refers to different mediums to exchange information about your brand, products, services it can be communicated via social media, webinars, events, or using any tool.

Non-marketing communication indirectly used for marketing. In this communication, marketers needs skills to understand their customer tried to solve their problem or convenience them to buy their product. Even good communication skills build strong relationships with the customer.

Communication has the power to convert a cold lead into the hot lead and hot lead to customers. Communication also manages exciting customer as your lifelong customer.

Build trust:

Trust is a very hard thing to achieve and also it's very necessary to build. It can be built if you provide great value, make transparency in your business have authenticity, always fulfill the promise that given by your brand, provide your customer amazing experiences that they would love to buy from you, and also refers others.

Getting out what your customers looking for and give them what they want. keep in mind always try to short out the issue of customer as soon as possible. Even you can give them special treatment and give them take away like a free book, or content or any offers that promote new customer acquisition too.

Viral your brand:

Let’s people talk about your brand. Means find a hook that people talk about your brand or content and refers to your product and service to others.

When people refer or your existing customers share information about your business it's viral your brand. To make viral your brand you can create the best content that people share via social media, give takeaway that people also join another. Your customer's great experience with high-quality products. Use different types of content to engage them, share your story, or the latest trend of business.

Be the only one:

Think that you have such special skill, product, or anything that no one has. that stands you out from your competitors. See, there is so much competition in every field, and being No: 1 is very tough but we want to be No:1 because if you are being No: 1 then no need to need to continue marketing for your product but it’s sold automatically by your brand name.

But every time it's not possible to be No: 1 because already someone took place but you can be No: 1 by being only one means choose niche then find out something unique that no one has done before only you have or even you can be only one in your subdivision. let it like that I want to NO: 1 digital marketer in India is not possible in 5 years. but it can be possible that I can be Only one lady digital marketer who establishes a digital marketing coaching institute from Jamnagar. so “I choose the subcategory to be only one is Jamnagar and lady to make me NO: 1 in my field.

Know The Global Economics For Your Business:

The global economy changes every time. It affects local and international businesses. Economics affects the individual consumer and all over the market. Even the economy interconnected within-country means what happened in one country its effect other because business is connected globally and big business connected with the small business so in that way whether its local shop or limited company global economy circuited in.

But when are you starting your new business How the global economy affects your business? See, before starting any business you have to know who is your target audience right? and you also need their data as talk about the economy you have to decide that which type of locality or country is your audience? and How can you decide that this particular country I have to invest that I Get maximum profit…

Let’s take it like that if a person’s age of 29 and a person’s age of 60 who spend more money in the future??? you got it right? The person who is younger is spending more money on them and for his or her future family life and when a person old spending less money except for medicines the old age people not likely to have future plan but a young person's future ahead and need more money to spend for future life.

Same as a country the country that is most of the population is young then it’s a great opportunity to invest in that country because people spent money when they want or need to spend. A developing country is best to invest in your business rather than a developed country. like India because India has a young population and developing country so it’s best to invest in India to get profit.

But My question is How can you find our target customers? It’s not possible to target the whole Indian Population. When you divide the population of India into India-1, India-2, and India-3.

India 1: In India 1 most likely the people Who are income more than 5 lac a year, who have mostly all facilities and have a good luxurious life. India 2:Most likely 2 to 3 lac salary a year. Or living a good life but not luxurious. India 3: Less than 3 lac salary and having money problems.

So in that way you can find your audience. Is it on India 1 or 2 or 3, depends on your business you select and get maximum profits? For eg.If you are selling any farming tool, then who are your customers? correct Rural area of India who has less than 5 lac salary, mostly speak the local language or else.

Apart from these fundamental principles of marketing. You should focus on the latest trend and need for marketing. In this age, we cannot neglect the digital marketing aspect or the influence of personal branding or integrating digital marketing, and so on…

These deep digging principles of marketing help your business to rule over the other marketers.

Switch to digital marketing:

why your business switches to Digital Marketing ?? Digital marketing is a form of marketing. Traditional and Digital marketing goals and concepts are almost the same to get leads, have conversations, and earn money but the main difference is the method and platform of marketing.

Traditional marketing is the oldest form of marketing. It’s pay major role in our local business. but you cannot neglect the latest trend and need for digital marketing.

Newspapers, magazines, templates are forms of traditional marketing the same as paid ads, social media ads, video ads are forms of digital marketing.

Traditionally t.v ads are high impact and have a large audience that no other platform can beat it. Even radio is a large audience and rural area digital marketing not much worth full.

But still, I recommended switching to digital marketing because everyone is there your competitors your customers maybe you missed your potential customers if your business not there. Every minute people searching and buying things online. It has a wide reach you can spread your business globally. The most impressive thing about digital marketing is such as….

Targeting method:

The digital marketing targeting method is awesome you can target your customers by age. gender, demographic, language, location even their interest and behaviors. Let look like it If I want to sell dipper I can show my ad only who have a child between age 0 to 3 it’s possible in digital marketing but it’s not possible in traditional marketing that my banner ad only saw by parents of infants. It can be seen by anyone.

Measurable and changeable:

Digital marketing is measurable means you can track your marketing campaign like How was your ad work? Who sees your ad you can track your customer behavior even you can make changes if you feel that but in traditional marketing it’s not possible to make changes like it’s not possible to make change after publish newspaper ads.

Automation and remarketing :

Digital marketing automation tool that makes work easy for you. It saves time and you can do so many tasks at a time and even you can track your customer’s movement. The same as another powerful concept of digital marketing is remarketing. Remarketing means you show your ads or invited that person who is already interested in your product. Let’s understand that if someone already visits my website and fills a form then I send an email to make conversation.

Integrated Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is an ocean and you cannot be master in each part of digital marketing but you have to explore all the channels of digital marketing because every channel of digital marketing has its own benefits and you should take advantage out of all of these. Such as paid ads, social media, email marketing, and many more. Many marketers use only one medium for marketing but If you want to grow your business at a high height then you have to stick on every channel.

Do you know content is the bone of Digital marketing? Your content refers to brand awareness, engagement, get leads, sales, and final acquisition. It can only be possible when you follow the right process of Integrated digital marketing.

So First ask for Attention rather than payment means provide value via your free content when they interested in your product than ask for payment. Never try to direct sales because no one buys from an unknown person.

When your content grabs their Attention via paid ads or social media they maybe share their data and then you processed to email marketing and notified them a newsletter and free course than last invited webinar or free demo class and then ask for payment.

So this Integrated marketing process. Start from medium via content and asking for attention then including all the digital marketing channels and finally ask for payment.

But Let me very clear content is the main that passes through all the digital channels so it should be powerful and original and most importantly it should provide value to your audience than and then your audience converts into your customers.

Influence By Personal Branding:

Personal brand means your business known by your name and because of you.

Everyone wants to build personal branding. Try to focus on Instagram and post randomly or doing live and so on. It’s not worked for all because people are not follow you blindly. If you provide that they want and then they engage with it or influence by you.

Ask yourself, Why you want to create a personal brand ??

When you create your personal brand you are known very well in your field. You are able to create trust as your name. People love to communicate with a person rather than a brand and connect with you easily. Communication goes top high and builds a great relationship with your customers.

You can run so many businesses via your influence like affiliate marketing recommended by a famous person people love to buy because they trust that person. Only one downside of a personal brand is you can not sell your name but you can sell your brand.

While creating your personal brand you have to clear such things why people influence you?? What you have that no one has?? Find something unique that you provide to the world and of course it provides high value.

The first step towards personal branding journey.

Learn: Learn new skills understand it and implement it by learning you gain knowledge to share the world and can create content.

Work: When you learn something keep in real-world implementation means do job or project anything that gives you a real-time experience of your field.

Blog: when you get to experience your learning and have enough knowledge share your knowledge via a blog that shows your expertise to the world that increases your visibility.

Consult: Now you have visibility to the world you can consult a client give them the advice to grow their business and take charge of your insulting that helps to spread your brand awareness.

Mentor: Now, you can be a mentor or teach someone as a personal tutor or a group that increases income and also established brand foundation .when you teach someone you learn more and have a great place to understand and the need good market knowledge while teaching.

Startup: This is the last step of personal branding when you call yourself a brand and generate more revenue by your name and your work.

This is a continuing process of personal branding

Learn- Work -Blog - Consult -Mentor-Startup.

CATT^n Marketing Funnel:

In the marketing segment funnel is the base. A marketing funnel is a plan to catch the attention of the audience build brand awareness and get lead and have conversations. It is a process, step by step where your customer passes through each step Let’s look at it

Structure of CATT ^ n Funnel:


Wealth means Niche. Your niche gives you success and money. Choose the right niche according to market demand your skill and that you love to do .and then stick to it never go for multiple niches. Your niche must have demand on the market otherwise it’s hard to get a customer and the second thing you have skill If you have no skill then no one follows you or you are not able to grow your business and the last thing you have passion about your niche because passion never feel you tired you are always ready to work and refer great outcome.


Content is medium to communicate with people spread influence and get attention but before it. You have to create high-value content for your customers. You can share your content from different platforms like social media, podcasts, e-book, and so on…


Grab the attention of people with your content. If you have talent, a skill set but what’s the meaning if no one knows about this. So you have to display your skill via your content at any form of blog, podcast, book, or video that aware of your audience. Share it spread it.


Trust generates leads. You can build your audience's trust via email marketing and automation. You can send free e-book, or blogs or the latest updates of your field and it gets you to know that your audience can be your customer.


This is the last stage of any funnel where you get paid. After having trust in you they may likely convert in customer you can send invitations to attend webinar or demo class and finally ask for payment.

In this way, CATT ^ n Funnel helping you to pick up your business.

At the end of the article and bottom of the heart

Marketing is relationship between Marketer and Customer satisfaction. The strong relationship builds strong brand and strong brand lead to high pitch to your business by research, Skillset , analysis and overlap heavily advertising and sales of marketing map.

By Digital Marketer,

Disha Mehta.

Thank you for reading and reach out to me.

This is part of the Digital Deepak Internship week 2 Assignment where I learn - understand - apply.




Digital Marketing Intern and Podcaster. Believe in me with positive approach.

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Disha Mehta

Disha Mehta

Digital Marketing Intern and Podcaster. Believe in me with positive approach.

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