“Marketing is not only about creativity, selling or advertising but it all about to understand human psychology. “

At this age, everyone wants to do marketing and expecting great results out of it. What do you think? It’s really worked for all? Nope! because it's not just a short-term process that over after time. It’s a long term process start from advertising to make a big brand.

If You want to succeed in any area of life you have to know the fundamental of that particular area in the same way to be a successful marketer or doing great marketing. You have to understand some principles of marketing.

The Principles of Marketing:

It is tempting to launch myself. Before any launching the things should be updated, have extra features to perform better and suit for next generation.

Here for launching of myself, I think upon updation with amazing features that lead to best out of me. First I would like to find out, what I would be in my dream role? looking towards in future for new updated my version.

The foundation step to transforming myself to breaking out fake image and shape a new form. It's called changing myself from all the area around me i.e. …

Disha Mehta

Digital Marketing Intern and Podcaster. Believe in me with positive approach.

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